Classes on offer at LCDA

Nanango & Kingaroy

LCDA offers students tuition in various styles of dance including:

  • RAD Clasical Ballet

  • Jump Start Dance - Turning 3 & 4 years

  • CSTD Jazz

  • Performance Opportunities



More information on our classes can be found below or feel free to contact us.

  • Contemporary

  • Glenn Wood Tap  

  • Hip Hop

  • Pointe

  • Aerial - Silks & Lyra

  • Acro

  • Cabaret

  • Strength & Flexibility

  • Twinkle Toes - turning 2 & 3 years

RAD Classical Ballet

The Royal Academy of Dance is an internationally recognised syllabus. It provides a framework for a practical dance education in ballet, progressively developing the technical, musical and performance skills of the student. Students will be considered to participate in examinations and assessments, which are designed to encourage, motivate and reward students, with its progressive structure. Students will move up through Pre-Primary and Primary levels, and then into eight Graded levels and six Vocational Graded levels. Students who are interested in sitting RAD classical exams/class awards, must attend two classical ballet classes per week of their level. It is the directors’ decision if a student is ready to sit for an examination/class award.

Jump Start Dance

A stimulating class that combines Jazz, Ballet, Tap and Acro to help children to develop basic movement skills, musical awareness, expression and creativity. Themed classes encourage participation, focus confidence and fun.


It is the directors’ decision to inform students when they are eligible for pointe.

Pointe is the most advanced form of classical ballet and therefore, can only be taught to and performed by selected students. Our Pointe classes include barre work, ankle strengthening, centre combinations and floor patterns.


Dancers practice a series of basic tap steps, adding more difficult combinations as they become more proficient. Selected students will work towards completing a tap examination, following the Glenn Wood Tap Syllabus. It is the directors’ discretion if a student is ready to sit for an examination. 


Students will learn acrobatic dance, consisting of tricks, tumbles, limbers and basic contortion in a safe environment. Examinations will be offered under the Acrobatic Arts syllabus for multiple levels. It is the director’s decision if a student is ready to sit for an examination.

Modern Partnering techniques will be incorporated into Acro classes.

Jazz &
Hip Hop 

An energetic class, with a fun and upbeat atmosphere. The classes are done to recognizable music and include age-appropriate strengthening warm-ups, as well as stretching techniques to encourage young muscles, travelling movements, center combinations, leaps, turns and routines.


Entry into these classes is by invitation only. 

The CSTD (Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing) Modern Jazz syllabus has a total of 11 levels in which can be examined, focusing on strength and control through development of jazz technique. Modern Jazz examinations will be offered to students at La Crème Dance Academy, at the discretion of the directors. 


Students will learn to use the body’s natural lines and energy to create new movements, which have a greater range and fluidity. Our contemporary class is well structured and incorporates relaxation, suspension, falling, floor work, jumps and travelling sequences. 

Aerial - Silks & Lyra

Discover the wonderful world of aerial acrobatics! Our aerial classes cover both silks and lyra (hoop) techniques. In our classes, students learn methods to climb the silks and mount the lyra, apply various locks, create incredible poses in the air, perform spinning tricks and once advanced enough can even learn to perform drops. Discover the art of flying in a

safe atmosphere with educated instructors.