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Welcome to La Creme Dance Academy - your ultimate destination for exciting and vibrant dance classes in Nanango, Toowoomba, and Kingaroy!

Our academy offers a wide range of lively and enjoyable dance classes for kids and adults alike, ensuring a fun-filled experience for all. At La Creme Dance Academy, we are committed to providing top-quality tuition in a supportive and inclusive environment. Our dance classes are designed to be both educational and incredibly fun, helping young dancers develop their skills while having a blast. Whether your child is a complete beginner or a budding star, our classes are sure to inspire and entertain. In addition to our kids classes, we also offer a variety of dynamic adult dance classes to suit every interest and skill level.


Join us at La Creme Dance Academy and immerse yourself in the joy of dance in Nanango, Toowoomba, and Kingaroy. Contact us today or visit our Enrolment Page to learn more about our exciting class offerings and kickstart your dance journey with us!



Ready Set Dance

Children turning 2 years

The ultimate introduction to dance for our littlest of performers. Focussing on delivering dance classes that are super fun and engaging whilst also building confidence, coordination and creativity. 

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Beginner Classes

Children turning 5 & 6 years

Our engaging beginner classes at LCDA offer a range of dance styles in enjoyable and creative lessons, fostering the growth and learning of our students through dance.

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Junior Classes

Children turning 7 & 8 years

Junior classes offer lively and engaging sessions promoting fun, fitness and friendships. Through dynamic movements and enjoyable routines, kids enhance their dance skills while fostering social connections and a passion for staying active.

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Intermediate - Advanced

Children turning 9+

Elevate your dance skills with our intermediate to advanced level classes in aerial, acro, jazz, tap, contemporary, ballet, pointe, hip hop, heels and more. Explore exam opportunities too!

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Adult Classes

18+ years

Why do kids get all of the fun?? LCDA's adult heels and adult aerial classes are full of fun and all about women SUPPORTING women! Our studio is a safe space to learn new things and grow while also working on fitness, strength & flexibility. 

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Performance Team & Exam

All ages

LCDA has a vibrant dance performance team showcasing talent and offering exciting opportunities for passionate dancers of all levels. Our performance team takes the stage across competitions as well as community events and more!

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G & A Pedron

'The kids have enjoyed their first year of dance immensely and can't wait to come back next year for more. You have been a wonderful and kind teacher and obviously love what you do, it shows. We hope to continue our children's love of dance for years to come.'
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